Our Story...

Our journey began with a shared frustration; as avid gym-goers, we found ourselves constantly having traditional powder supplements which didn't taste great.

We were already using protein powder as a protein supplement, and so we were tired of adding more powder supplements to our diet. Especially, as creatine powder usually tastes so bad (even when mixed).

We thought - why can't all supplements taste great?!

..."GummoNutrition.com was born"

Our journey was not an easy one. It took months of research, development, and testing to create the perfect formula for our creatine gummies. We wanted to ensure that our product was not only delicious but also effective and safe for our customers.

Finally, we managed to create a great tasting product and GummoNutrition.com was born!

Our goal is now to make health supplements:

1) More enjoyble to consume

2) Easier to understand

3) Part of a brand that feels open to everyone. Men, women, experienced gym goers, total newbies etc...

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